Connecting the world
of coffee

Our commitment to innovation and empowering members of the coffee industry extends beyond our own work.

Via several programs and collaborations, we seek to partner with coffee competitors, producers and other key stakeholders in the coffee supply chain, promoting access to equipment and the equitable sharing of knowledge across the coffee supply chain.

Sponsorships and events

Through our Sponsorship Program, we work with a number of coffee professionals and competitors around the globe, sharing our work and innovations to ensure that they have access to the best equipment and innovations possible.

This includes support as part of a sponsorship, or contributions to special events and community-focused programs.


Via our YouRoast program with the LINK roaster, we aim to celebrate the relationship between coffee origins, and roasters across the globe by bringing exceptional coffee closer to end users.

Drawing upon our years of experience and ongoing work in coffee-producing countries across the world, YouRoast offers LINK users the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most exclusive and exciting coffees via tailored, speciailsed packs of green coffee that are accompanied with expert roasting and brewing guides.

Competition Sponsorship

In 2024, Nucleus Coffee Tools and our partners at Kaffelogic began a partnership with the World Coffee Championships, providing the LINK roaster as the official Sample Roaster Sponsor for the World Coffee Roasting Championships.

From 2024-2026, we will provide equipment, training and support to all competitors in this world championship, sharing our innovations with the leaders of the coffee roasting sector.

Auction programs

Working with our innovative coffee sample roaster, LINK, we collaborate with a number of private and community auction programs around the world, focused on the sale and experience of high-quality green coffees. 

Through partnership with these producers and communities, we create customised roasting profiles that can be perfectly replicated by LINK users across the globe with ease, creating a consistent experience of great coffee around the globe.

Collaborate with us

We're constantly seeking new opportunities with partners around the globe to improve, empower and innovate the world of coffee.

If you're interested in working with us on a community or industry-focused project, we'd love to hear from you.