In anticipation of many coffee competitions and events across the globe this year, Nucleus Coffee Tools has announced the launch of its new Sponsorship Program.

Through this Sponsorship Program, we collaborate with baristas, brewers, roasters and producers from around the world, to ensure that they have access to the best equipment and innovations possible. 

Connecting the world of coffee

With the creation of an official Sponsorship Program, we seek to further improve access to specialised and innovative coffee equipment to those who need it, and to continue driving the coffee industry forward. This includes support for coffee competitions, and contributions towards special events and community focused programs.

The program is primarily focused on supplying Nucleus Coffee Tools’ innovations and products, for use on the competition stage or at special events. This is done through both direct supply, and in collaboration with our partners across the world. In some cases, members of our team may also be able to offer support with education, training and feedback.

“I felt happy with the consistent results of the coffee, and even happier with the level of precision the Paragon [Espresso] brought me." - Boram Um, 2023 World Barista Champion

Success on the world stage

To date, we’ve worked with a number of coffee professionals and competitors across the globe, sharing our work and innovations to help them bring the best out of their coffee. 

Among the coffee competitors we have worked with in recent years are:

  • 2023 World Barista Champion, Boram Um (Brazil)
  • 2023 World Ibrik/Cevze Champion, Pierre de Chanterac (France)
  • 2023 World Barista Championship 4th place winner, Isaiah Sheese (USA)
  • 2023 South African Barista Champion, Stevo Kuhn (South Africa)
  • 2021 World Brewers Cup Champion, Matt Winton (Switzerland) 
  • 2021 World Barista Championship 3rd place winner, Hugh Kelly (Australia)
  • 2021 World Barista Championship 5th place winner, Martin Shabaya (Kenya)
  • 2021 World Brewers Cup 7th place winner, Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery (Germany) 

Encouraging equal opportunity

Applications to the Sponsorship Program are open to anyone who is competing in a National or World Coffee Championship, as well as any person or group seeking to hold a community-focused coffee event.

However, central to the purpose of the Sponsorship Program is providing equal opportunity, celebrating coffee professionals and events from all across the globe. Many baristas, brewers and producers lack access to, or funds for equipment for their competitions and events – this program aims, where possible, to assist with ensuring that they have the equipment and knowledge they need. 

Although the Sponsorship Program aims support as many people and events as possible, priority will be given to applicants who lack resources or access to equipment, and to those who share our values.


Learn more and apply here