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If you’re reading this, congratulations – you’re a competitor or coach for the 2024 World Coffee Roasting Championship!

Nucleus Coffee Tools and Kaffelogic are excited to be co-sponsoring this incredible competition from 2024-2026, with the LINK roaster being used as the official sample roaster.

Below you will find some information about the LINK, including training materials, links to FAQs, and some scheduled information sessions we’ll have prior to the competition in Copenhagen.

Achieving excellence,

The LINK is a coffee sample roaster that is designed to roast between 50-100g of coffee at a time.

The LINK system has three components:

(i) the LINK roaster (pictured) – a small, portable, hot air sample roaster;
(ii) the LINK Studio – desktop software that allows live tracking of roasting and profile customisation, and;
(iii) the LINK App – used on either mobile or desktop, the app assists in profile selection and adjustments to roast parameters.

To recommend profiles, the LINK App uses algorithms that consider Density by Weight measurements, coffee processing, coffee variety and species, roasting altitude and local power source. All profiles can be adjusted and customised to suit your specific needs, should you wish to do so in your competition.

Below are some resources to provide information about the LINK system and its unique functions. We recommend reading through all pages and watching as many training videos as possible, to familiarise yourself with the LINK.

Information sessions
for competitors

In preparation for the 2024 World Coffee Roasting Championship, we will be hosting two digital information sessions for competitors and coaches. 

In these sessions, Nucleus Coffee Tools Director and designer of the LINK roaster, Sam Corra will provide information so that WCRC competitors to familiarise themselves with the roaster and its usage. These sessions will include information about using the LINK Studio, using the LINK App, features and usage of the LINK Roaster, and customising a roast from a recommended profile.

Both sessions will cover the same content, but hosted at different times to allow for competitors in different time zones to attend. Please use the form below to register your interest in attending – once we receive your information, it will be verified and you will be sent a Zoom link.

The LINK Roaster Information Session – WCRC Competitors 

Session 1:
Wednesday, May 29th
1630 CET / 1030 EST / 0730 PDT / 0030 AEST

Session 2:
Thursday, May 30th
0800 CET / 0200 EST / 2300 PDT / 1600 AEST

Both sessions will be live and held in English. A subtitled recording will be provided afterwards to competitors that do not speak English.

WCRC Information Sessions

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Which session would you like to attend?
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If attending the live sessions, you will also be able to ask during the session.