Quality roasting
in your hands

The YouRoast program is an initiative by Nucleus Coffee Tools that uses the LINK roaster to celebrate the relationship between coffee origins, and roasters across the globe.

Drawing upon our years of experience and ongoing work in coffee-producing countries across the world, YouRoast offers LINK users the opportunity to experience some of the world’s most exclusive and exciting coffees.

These coffees, provided as green (unroasted) samples, are provided with tailored roasting and brewing recommendations – meaning that users are able to roast exquisite coffees themselves – consistently and optimally – no matter where they are.

All coffees in the YouRoast program are provided with recommends profiles for preparing with the LINK sample roaster.

Connecting the world
of coffee

TheYouRoast program offers roasters and of all experience levels – from beginner to expert – the chance to roast and experience some of the world’s best coffees.

Working with a number of renowned coffees producers, we saw an opportunity to share their coffees with a wider audience. Many high-quality lots are difficult to obtain, and these producers often only share their coffees with specific buyers.

At the same time, while sharing the LINK roaster across the world, we realised that many consumers have a strong desire to engage with these coffees first-hand – including the roasting experience.

By bringing together specific lots from renowned producers, and sharing them with specific roasting profiles, we aim to allow coffee lovers around the globe to become world-class roasters.

Access green coffee

Coffees selected for the YouRoast program are offered at key coffee events around the world, and through our global network of partners and distributors. They are available in lots of 100-300g, depending on the coffees and the selection made.


Each YouRoast coffee comes with a recommended roast profile for the LINK roaster. By inputting this profile into the LINK, you're able to roast the YouRoast coffees anywhere, anytime.

Brew and enjoy

Once the coffees in the YouRoast pack are roasted, they can be either brewed right away, or left to age.

Edition One:
Finca Deborah
'Holy Trinity' Pack

For the first edition of the new YouRoast, Nucleus Coffee Tools and Savage Coffees have collaborated to launch a special pack of Geisha coffees from Finca Deborah, with coffees used the top 3 winners of the 2024 World Barista Championships.

This pack will include not only green coffee, but information about each lot, access to specific roast profiles for these coffees on the LINK sample roaster, extraction recipes, brew recommendations with extract chilling techniques, and more.