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The ultimate portable roaster for consistent, precise and easy roasting.


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Hidenori Izaki


Nucleus Tools was founded based on the vision of Sasa’s infinite passion for the perfect cup of coffee. We need tools backed up by science and a tremendous amount of R&D effort to take our extraction to the next level to reflect all the beautiful parts of coffee characteristic into the cup.

Mikael Jasin


Flavour wise this one (Paragon) is much more complex, you can see the layers and is much more structured

Juljano Kapllani


The Compass it’s really helping my customer understand there own perception of the coffee as it cools down.

Shaun Liew


By brewing with paragon, it has helped improved my coffee aromatics and also tactile sensation which brings more balance to my brewed coffees

Nicole Montgomery-Battefeld


The first time using the Link I was shocked how easy it was..we could roast different samples directly from the producers



That delicious, chilling extraction with Paragon is outstanding

Unfiltered Coffee Co


Temperature Profiling experience. This is the next gen of golden standards for high end coffee shops

Kim Co Daluz


Brewed a v60 Paragon and a regular v60, using identical coffee & water parameters, and the Paragon delivered a significantly more flavourful cup


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