At our core,
we’re innovators,
collaborators and

We’re pioneering new solutions centred around adding value to our industry and elevating the experiences of coffee lovers around the world.

An outpouring of passion

The coffee we know and love starts in the soil. From farming and processing through to roasting, extraction and preparation, our team has extensive experience across various stages of the production process. We’re inspired by what we’ve seen, and excited by what coffee could be.

Our benchmarks are on the rise

We’re obsessed with experimenting, researching and testing. As a result, we’re constantly raising our standards. Fixated on the fine details, we test and taste, then test again, knowing there’s always room for improvement.

Pushing the boundaries of process and product

We see opportunity in every cup. To heighten flavour profiles and elevate everyday experiences. To optimise efficiency and maximise enjoyment. Backed by scientific institutions and a world-class team, we’re pioneering new solutions that add value to our industry.

With decades of experience between us, our holistic approach is shaped by optimising what’s in the cup and the desire to discover the full potential of every bean.

Our collective history includes operating four coffee farms, a world renowned roastery and some of Australia’s most innovative coffee bars, as well as introducing the carbonic maceration processing method to specialty coffee. We have since collaborated with the world leading coffee university in Switzerland to explore further industry innovation.

The Nucleus team has extensive competition success. Nucleus founder Sasa Sestic is the 2015 World Barista Champion, and Sam Corra, creator of the Link, was the runner-up 2017 World Brewers Champion.

We’ve coached multiple national and international champions, including the first ever female world barista champion, and the first ever World Barista finalist from Africa. In 2021, World Brewers Champion, Matt Winton, used Link roasting technology and chill extract techniques, and won. These achievements have evolved into greater industry change beyond the competition platform.

Become a

We’re always looking to form meaningful and sustainable partnerships that support coffee communities across the globe. If you’re interested in joining us as a Nucleus Coffee Tools reseller, we would love to hear from you.