The NCD Pulse uses subtle Pulse Vibration to ensure even distribution of coffee when preparing espresso.

Pulse Vibration

The NCD Pulse is equipped with four uniquely styled blades with anti-static coating, which disperse coffee for an even extraction while preventing the retention of coffee grinds. Using Pulse Vibration technology, the NCD Pulse allows for multiple vibration settings during grind distribution.

puck density

Pulse Vibration helps to improve the even density of coffee grounds within a portafilter. As the blades spin horizontally to evenly distribute the top layers of the coffee grounds, the vibration of the NCD Pulse improves vertical distribution throughout the coffee puck.

Pulse as you

The NCD Pulse’s multiple vibration modes provide users with the opportunity to change between low and high settings, allowing for experimentation and variation between coffees of varying roasts, dose, densities and processing methods.
The charging base is a convenient size for bench and bar tops, and allows for quick docking between distribution – meaning convenient storage between uses, and simple maintenance of battery.

Adjust for accuracy

Change the height settings as you please, using the numbered markers down the side as a guide. Enjoy millimetre-perfect measurements and perfect distribution every time, regardless of the density you’re working with.

Optimised for

Charging NCD Pulse is done via the activation dock. Once charged, the NCD Pulse can be used wirelessly, allowing convenient placement and portable use. The battery lasts over 1000 cycles on the high setting.



Blades – 58.5mm diameter (fits ims/vst baskets)


Stainless steel centre
Anodized aluminium adjuster
Anodized aluminium locker
Aluminium blades

Approximate weights

Distributor - 260g
Charging base - TBC


USB-C connection


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