Setting up your NCD

Right out of the box, your NCD is ready to start distributing coffee. The blades will be set to their shallowest setting (7) upon arrival. If they are not, it’s recommended that you use setting seven as a starting point for all new users. 

Adjusting the height of your NCD

The NCD allows you to change the blade height to distribute every dose of coffee perfectly. To adjust the height of the NCD, twist the top disc of the NCD to unlock it and allow the blades to move. Turning the base anti-clockwise until the desired setting is reached. Twist the top again to lock the base in place, so it doesn’t move when handled.

Using my NCD

Once your NCD is set up, you are ready to use your NCD. For the best distribution, Twist the NCD entirely around two times in a clockwise movement to distribute the coffee in the basket. Lift to reveal an even bed of coffee.

Cleaning your NCD

Between every ten uses, wipe the cross-arm base of the NCD with a cloth (microfiber is best), as this will help to reduce any build up on the surface and reduce grind retention. For best results, clean the NCD at the end of use each day to ensure no build-up occurs.

Caring for your NCD

To ensure that the anti-static coating is not damaged, ensure that you do not place the NCD onto any abrasive surfaces that may dent or scratch the base. This may cause grind retention or effect distribution.

When not in use, place the NCD onto a soft or smooth surface, such as a rubber tamping mat. When using, ensure that the surface is free of coffee grinds or water, affecting distribution.

My NCD doesn't fit my basket

All NCD’s have a base diameter of 58.5mm +- 0.2mm to ensure the best fit for a range of coffee baskets. Make sure that your basket is the correct size for the NCD. The NCD will fit all precision baskets.

What setting should I use?

The height that you set your NCD is based on the amount of coffee used in each dose. If the base does not reach the coffee or compacts the coffee down, repeat the previous step and adjust the depth of the cross-arm base until the coffee is evenly distributed throughout the basket.


Setting up STEM

To set up the STEM, follow the inbox instructions and ensure that all screws are tightened to avoid wobbling or an unbalanced platform. 

Adjusting the height of STEM

To adjust the height of the STEM, twist the knob on the back and raise or lower the top platform to the desired height. The platform can be raised or reduced based on the measurement of the cup size.

Cleaning STEM

It is recommended that the STEM is cleaned after every service day. This will increase the longevity of the STEM and keep it clean of any spills or overflows. 

Using the STEM on my pair of scales

The STEM is available with adhesive pads that allow it to be attached to most barista scales. These pads are great for people who would use the pair daily. The STEM can also be placed on the scales for single uses without these pads, to protect the scales when working at a machine.