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Whether you’re organising an event to celebrate coffee, or are participating in a coffee competition, we’d like to hear from you.

We collaborate with professionals from around the world to ensure that they have access to the best equipment and innovations possible.

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We’ve worked with a number of coffee professionals and competitors around the globe, sharing our work and innovations to help them bring the best out of their coffee.

This includes support as part of a sponsorship, or contributions to special events and community-focused programs.

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Link Access service

One of the most challenging components of coffee competitions is travelling with roasted coffee, and ensuring that its quality is preserved. Through our Link Access service, which we aim to launch at the World Brewers Cup in Chicago (USA), we will offer select competitors the opportunity to use the Link roaster in the days leading up to their competition.


Through our Sponsorship program, we offer coffee competitors and event organisers the opportunity to use a range of our equipment for their performances and projects. This includes equipment for competitors in National and World competitions, as well as private events to promote innovation and education in the coffee community.

Training and Support

For competitors and event organisers using Nucleus Coffee Tools' equipment, we offer training and support services for those using sponsored equipment and machinery. This includes technical information, techniques and clarification about all our products, innovations and methods.

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