The four uniquely styled blades not only allow for faster and even distribution of coffee, but with the advanced, anti-static coating, significantly reduce the amount of coffee that sticks to the tool after each use.


The textured sides and sturdy weight from its all-metal design provide a great hand feel and easy grip. Grooved to grip your fingers, they also are non-slip for those fast-paced days.


The NCD will fit perfectly into any café or home environment, highlighting its premium status as a luxurious coffee tool available in four stylish colours, black, silver, titanium and pink.

Adjustable height

Whether you are using a low or high dose coffee, the NCDs adjustable height can help keep it perfectly distributed. The guided markings along its side will help you dial your dose down to millimetre accuracy.

The NCD will fit perfectly into any café or home environment

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58.5mm (fits ims & vst baskets)


Stainless steel (Centre part)

Anodized aluminium (Adjuster)

Anodized aluminium (Locker)

Dimensions (mm)

90mm (W) x 90mm (L) x 58MM (H)

Approximate Weight


Patent number