Temperature varies the sensitivity of our taste and tactile receptors. High hot or high cold temperatures make our receptors less sensitive. There is a golden zone of temperature range where our receptors become most awake. This golden zone and peak also vary between each receptor; our hot tactile receptors peak sensitivity at about 45 degrees celsius. Our sweetness receptors peak around 37 degrees, and salt sensitivity peaks closer to 32 degrees.


The Compass’ infrared temperature sensor allows for precise and accurate readings while remaining out of the way of the beverage and user.

Adjustable height

With its adjustable height, the Compass will fit a variety of different sized cups. Perfect for mugs and cups designed for filters and espressos.

Removable Temperature Sensor

As a fully contained unit, the temperature sensor can be fully removed from the stand, opening up the possibility for many different applications. It makes a perfect handheld temperature sensor.

Refine your Quality Control

To get precision out of your coffee making, you need a precision tool to help you. The Compass is the essential tool designed to equip yourself to evaluate fairly and accurately.

Enhance Coffee Experience

Why limit the potential of your coffee? The Compass is the perfect tool to enhance your coffee drinking experience. Guide your customers through a tailor-made experience and make the coffee the centre of attention.

A precision tool fit for the world stage


Dimensions (mm)

100mm (W) x 120mm (L) x 180MM (H)


Stainless steel design, rubber non-slip base

Approximate Weight



USB micro-b rechargeable

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