Setting up

58.5mm diameter


  1. Loosen the top ring/outer grip.
  2. Wind the base/distributing propeller lower or higher. The numbers on the base can be used as a guide.
  3. Hold the base/distributing propeller and tighten the top ring/outer grip.


Polish your NCD’s base using a soft tea-towel or micro-fibre cloth every 30-50 doses to remove grounds and static build up.


Coffee oil build-up may occur on the base after excessive use. Dip the base/propeller in a small amount of hot water without detergent to remove excess oils. We recommend removing the base completely from the top two rings/grip to ensure you fully dry all surfaces before re-using.

Coffee ground deposits may slowly build up internally, jamming the height adjustment capability. To avoid this, unscrew the base completely and remove internal build-up. We recommend doing so weekly in a busy cafe, or monthly for home-use.


Start by polishing the base with a dry tea-towel or micro-fibre cloth, ensuring you remove any moisture or excess dirt.
If build-up persists, check your height adjustment. If the base is adjusted too low, excess build up may occur.

No. NCD is a distribution tool designed to evenly distribute your dose before you tamp. Even distribution before tamping improves taste and reduces the chance of un-even channeling of water during the extraction.

There are no electronic parts inside the NCD, however, excess moisture may cause jamming or internal damage. Water may be used when cleaning parts (see above), but ensure all moisture is removed before re-assembly and use.