Setting up

165mm (W) x 120mm (L) x 260mm (H)


Paragon does not need to be disassembled before cleaning. Use a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent to wipe down surfaces. Avoid excessive heat and chemical exposure as this can fade or remove surface coating.

  1. Place your filter device on the top section.
  2. Sit your chilling rock in the holder below.
  3. Adjust the height of your chilling rock holder so the chilling rock sits just under, but not touching the bottom of your filter device, to avoid excess volatile loss.

After each use, clean your chilling rock by rinsing it with warm or cold water, without detergent.

Dry with a clean cloth before returning it to the freezer.


We recommend placing the chilling rock in a standard freezer between -10 and -20°C for 1 hour. You can check if it is fully frozen by shaking the rock. If not quite frozen, you will feel the internal gel moving around. If the internal gel does not move, the chilling rock is fully frozen and ready to use.

Cracks, dents or holes will damage the chilling rock. Each rock can be used indefinitely where there is no physical damage present.

Yes. For optimal extract chilling, we recommend using a frozen rock for each coffee.

Not all coffees will taste best with the same amount of extract chilled. We recommend you view our educational guidance for tips here. *Link to Youtube and Linktree*

Paragon has been designed to be adjustable in height, allowing you to pair it with your favourite dripper and carafe. Extract chiling is a post-extraction method, so we recommend you start by using your preferred recipe and apply the Paragon as an additional step.